A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This is primarily a project for learning the Godot engine, following the Space Rocks! - A complete game in Godot Game Engine tutorial series on YouTube by Chris Bradfield (though with many deviations).

Artwork is from the Space Shooter Redux pack from Kenney plus various bits and pieces I managed to cobble together using Acorn image editor from Flying Meat.  Planet images are from NASA.

Background music is SimpleBeat from 3uhox on OpenGameArt.org.  Noises were created with BFXR.

Controls are WASD / cursor keys and space to fire, or you can use a controller.  Be somewhere near the green zone at the start of the stage if you want to be safe!


  • 3 ship types with different attributes
  • 4 planets across 8 stages
  • Power-ups, enemies, and saved high-scores

Source is on Github.

NOTE: All builds are 64 bit.


Asteroids Windows 23 MB
Asteroids Mac OSX 24 MB
Asteroids Linux 32 MB

Development log


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You might want to mention that all the builds are 64-bit, to spare people with older computers from a useless download. :)


Sorry about that!  I've added a note.  I'll have to look up making 32-bit.  Thanks for the feedback.