Devlog #1

Thank you to everyone who downloaded this and provided feedback!  As a result of your suggestions I went back and made some improvements.  I hope you will give it another try.  Here’s a list of changes made since the first version:

  • General tweaks to difficulty.
  • Bullets now wrap.
  • Ships now show damage.
  • Added tinting of backgrounds to match planet.
  • Tweaked “Light” ship type to make it slightly easier.
  • Removed “Easy”, “Medium”, and “Hard” descriptors - it’s more about play style than difficulty.
  • Tips now appear on the main menu after some time.
  • Added some controls info to the about page.


Asteroids Windows 23 MB
Sep 15, 2017
Asteroids Mac OSX 24 MB
Sep 15, 2017
Asteroids Linux 32 MB
Sep 15, 2017

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